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The 80/20 theory..

23 Sep

“It’s too much work.”

“I don’t have time.”

“I don’t have the will power to keep it going.”

Does this sound familiar???

photo courtesy of toptvstuff.com

Yea.. those are some of the most common phrases uttered by people who just can’t seem push themselves to make a change. I know those phrases well. I SAID THEM FOR FAR TOO LONG!

Here’s the coolest part about Paleo….there is this little, eensy weensy theory that we use (use, not LIVE BY) that says:


Life happens. Things come up. And situations don’t always allow us to be perfect cavemen(women). Ever since processed foods have been introduced into modern society, we sort of can’t avoid them depending on where we are. If we are always home, never leave, and never eat out- sure! 100% Paleo is a breeze. But that type of lifestyle is just not realistic for most people. We eat out and menus don’t always offer the best solutions (though most restaurants do! I have NO problems eating out now that I’m Paleo!)

Once of the things that got me on the Paleo train at first was the fact that there is this 80/20 theory that simply says you can abide by the Paleo lifestyle 80% of the time while 20% of the time you are non-paleo. If you hit the 80/20 ratio, you will still see excellent results…. more energy, weight loss, health benefits, etc. When I realized that I could change my life slowly, still eat the things I really wanted until I was ready to give them up, and I’d still see results?? I was in. Sign me up.

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Best thing about this is simply this: I don’t beat myself up if I have something non-Paleo. I don’t stop eating for two days because I had something that was  unacceptable to my lifestyle. I tell myself “80/20 Kristina. It’s all good. Tomorrow is another day.” I don’t stress. I don’t freak. It’s amazing. Because let’s face it- every once in a while you are faced with that delish Carvel ice cream cake for someone’s bday or a night out with friends during which you find the menu offers nothing exactly healthy. This is part of life and I’ll be darned if I lock myself up to avoid it.

So, those of you out there saying, “I just don’t have time.” Or patience. Or money. Or will power. Whatever it is you are using as an excuse- let it go. Paleo allows you to follow your own course and do it in your own time. There is no “bad girl” feeling if you go off course. And once you find the Paleo foods that you love, you will see how easy, quick, and delicious your meals become! I have never again uttered any excuses when it comes to our menu each week. We look forward to food shopping, planning our meals, marinating hunks of meat, persusing the farmers market, and cooking after work.

80/20 guys. Try it. I’m 99% right now, but certainly started 80/20! And every once in a while, I really work that 80/20 theory…. especially when I hit little Italy and Ferrara’s Bakery is calling my name…

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Let us know your thoughts and whether this 80/20 theory can help give you that little push. I know it did it for me 🙂


We’re Baaaaaack!

11 Sep

I know that sounded super exciting…and many of you are just dyingggg to know where we’ve been right??

Ha, ok, we are not THAT vain.

But we do know we’ve been absent for a while. Life sometimes gets hectic and takes a few detours from the path you had planned to be on…. For me, Kristina, that is completely the case.

I started Girls Gone Healthy with the idea in mind that I, along with some fabulous women, would help inspire others to get on the healthy train. I promised myself I would become healthy in a way that didn’t change my entire way of life. Promises Shmomises.

Enter Paleo.

Paleo has changed my life. It has driven me to focus on ME and not the fast paced world I live in. I tended to stress and allow myself to get swallowed up by… well…life. Now, I sit back, breathe, and enjoy every minute. Of course, I won’t pretend that I never stress because let’s face it- stress is a part of life. But ever since I began feeding my body in this way, my mind and emotions have had a total makeover. Oh yea, and I dropped 2 pant sizes. Yeaaa…so that helps 🙂

So basically, that is where I’ve been. Making this change has required a lot of time (very well spent cooking, baking, and reading!). I had to put the posts on hold for a bit because the Paleo lifestyle came at me full force as soon as I committed to it wholeheartedly. I had to hold on with both hands and take it for a ride. (So excited that my bf Curtis is taking this ride with me!!)  Now that I’m pretty much in love and ready to commit for life, I can get back to blogging about the journey. And oh what a journey it’s gonna be…

I hope that all of my non-paleo friends will stick around and still continue to support Girls Gone Healthy! I promise it will guide anyone and everyone towards health and happiness- even if you don’t want to go Paleo. This blog will not EVER force anyone to live a certain way- it will simply document our journey..and if you like what you read, feel free to give it a try.
So…….Girls Gone Healthy is officially back! So tell ya friends…tell ya wife… tell.. um… everyone!! Just keep truckin along with us and watch as we change our lives and hopefully change yours in the process ❤

Shopping Trip Numero Uno! WEGMANS!

26 Jul

Ok, so last post focused on the must haves for a healthy kitchen. I hope you all jotted some goodies down and went out to get em!

I did 🙂

Though it was a small trip- I think it was pretty darn successful.. The best way to stock your kitchen to fit your new healthy lifestyle is to do it slowly… grab some essentials, but as you come across recipes you want to try, then make a new list and go out and get what you need for the week. This trip was simply a “let’s try a few things” sort of trip… I will have part two coming soon! On Monday,  my girl Krista takes me to TRADER JOE’S! Yippeeee!

Let’s see what I got…

First off- ALMOND MILK! This stuff is delish, especially vanilla flavored. Look at the protein in this puppy! Skeptical about almond milk? Let me give you some info to get you over the hump…

First off..it contains more nutrients than any other dairy alternatives- so that’s pretty awesome. There are some amazing health benefits related to drinking almond milk: weight management, heart healthy, it’s blood sugar friendly, bone health, skin care, eye health, and more muscle power. Um, no brainer right?? Check this article out to give you more details.


Lots of my favorite goodies- quinoa, beans, fruits and veggies!! If you know me, and you will pretty soon if you don’t- I LOVE BEANS. I pretty much put them in anything and everything. Though they are considered “incomplete” proteins because they do not hold as many proteins as meat, they do have enough to pack a punch and they offer lots of other good health benefits:

Beans have been proven to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, regulate functions of the color, reduce the risk of many cancers, among other things. It’s also pretty cool that the richly colored beans such as kidney beans offer a huge amount of antioxidants AND small red kidney beans rate even higher than blueberries in this area! Knew I loved these little legumes for a reason 🙂

Onto quinoa- my new favorite side dish. It’s pronounced [keen- wa] and is a SUPER food. It can be used and made in so many yummy recipes and packs amazing health benefits. It is a protein powerhouse and has become a fave new treat among vegans and vegetarians because it’s protein content matches, if not trumps, the protein found in meat and eggs. Plus it tastes yummy. Win/win, I’d say. Read up on this site for more info on this delish dish.

Fruits and Veggies- Oh my! Anything I tell you about these power foods is already common knowledge so all I will tell you is – EAT LOTS OF EM! I decided to buy grapefruit for it’s vitamin C and help with digestion. It also aids with weight loss because it is low in sodium, high in fat burning enzymes, and has high water content. Trifecta of goodness for a fit bod 🙂

Then of course, I bought spinach. My absolute fave leafy veggie. It is high in fiber and high in antioxidants- both are super important when making healthy eating choices. Any foods that offer these things, should be on your shelves.

And bananas? Well, duh, bananas are just amazing. Now, I don’t actually like bananas. The texture just doesn’t do it for me. BUT banana flavored ANYTHING is perfection. So I bought these puppies to freeze in order to make Kim’s yummy peanut butter banana smoothie. Yummm! Bananas are super high in fiber and relatively low in calories. Eating bananas or banana smoothies can help curb your hunger too… score!

Whats next??

Ahh yesss, treats. No shopping trip would be acceptable or successful without treats. I opted for salty and sweet. Heard so many good things about Annie’s so I grabbed a box of chocolate bunnies- I LOVED chocolate Teddy Grahams so I figured this was a great alternative. (Um, they are. So gooooood). Kashi is another company that I like. All natural (though I did see an article that claims otherwise, but who knows.) I do know that I feel good when I eat Kashi and it tastes darn good too.

So there it is! My first little mini trip… and I think it was pretty stinkin successful. Can’t wait for my Trader Joe’s trip with Krista! There I will be getting all my oils, and nuts, and goodies like that. So pumped to try coconut oil! Krista is Paleo and will be teaching me a little about that lifestyle. She’s also going to start guest blogging for us so you all can learn too!

So what have you guys gotten?? Any suggestions for my Trader Joe’s trip??