About the girls…

Kristina (proper noun): girl who is ready for a healthier lifestyle but needs a kick in the butt to get there

I have always been in shape. I was a gymnast for 15 years! So yea, being in shape was just part of my life. I went for a decade and a half of my life having more muscle tone than a small child should ever have (and being sort of embarrassed about it). I ate what I wanted (when I had time to eat between school, practice, and sleep) but worked out 4 hours a day, 6 days a week, so yea, burning calories was never an issue. My mom recalls a time when she thought that I was TOO thin and she worried about me. I can’t even imagine being too skinny now… I’ve got curves baby, and I like em. Just want to tone em down a bit.

Ok, moving on.

So after I quit gymnastics, inevitably, I bulked up a bit. I was dancing 5 days a week, yet the conditioning my body was used to wasn’t part of my lifestyle anymore. My muscles were taken hostage by fat and I just became someone I didn’t recognize. Luckily, dancing kept me in shape enough to not go full fledge chubster…but I knew I wasn’t anything like I used to be. For the next few years my weight fluctuated like a roller coaster..I was chubby, thin, thick, skinny, heavy…you get the point. It was so frustrating to flip flop my weight so often. I couldn’t figure out why my body just couldn’t get it right. After a rough break up with a boyfriend, I lost a tremendous amount of weight and friends and family began to think I was suffering from an eating disorder. I immediately made it clear that I will NEVER give up eating or throw up anything I ever eat because I’m Italian and I love food far too much. They felt better and realized that for my body, stress was generally a weight loss accelerator.

As time went on, my body continued to stretch and shrink. After another rough break up (man, I just couldn’t pick em could I??), I moved in with a friend who was a super workout chick. Her body was unreal and she truly embraced the healthy lifestyle. She got me going to a gym and taught me about working out and eating right. For the year we lived together, I was in the best shape of my life… I spend 4 days a week at the gym and ran as often as I could around town. I loved the way I felt! Then I met my soulmate- my perfect guy and as new couples tend to do- we ate a lot. So I bulked up, again. Grrr. I also stopped going to the gym after a few months because we moved in together and I started a business. Working full time, starting a new business, having 2 beautiful dogs to take care of, and living over an hour from work did not allow for gym time. So I had to forgo it and wow, it showed. I spent a lot of time sitting on my couch (I started a photography business so I edited photos and answered emails for hours at a time). On top of that, the boyfriend and I both got home late from work and didn’t eat dinner until 8 each night. Then what did we do after that?? Laid down on the couch to watch TV and fell asleep. Not good. Not good at all. That is a recipe for a fat a**.

So…. this brings me to where I am now. A beautiful girl named Jamie walked into my life and began to open my eyes to a world I never knew. She gave a me glimpse of how food can help or hurt your body and just knowing a bit about what you eat, can keep you healthy.  Another beautiful friend of mine, Kim, is also a health nut. She has amazing input and has helped me a lot so far. Kim will also be contributing a ton to this blog and to my journey. Then one more beautiful friend (cavegirl) entered my life and EVERYTHING healthy made sense.. Krista changed my life. And I can’t wait to have her join me on this Paleo journey we are embarking upon…Let’s see how we do…Wish me luck! 🙂


Krista (proper noun)-


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