We’re Baaaaaack!

11 Sep

I know that sounded super exciting…and many of you are just dyingggg to know where we’ve been right??

Ha, ok, we are not THAT vain.

But we do know we’ve been absent for a while. Life sometimes gets hectic and takes a few detours from the path you had planned to be on…. For me, Kristina, that is completely the case.

I started Girls Gone Healthy with the idea in mind that I, along with some fabulous women, would help inspire others to get on the healthy train. I promised myself I would become healthy in a way that didn’t change my entire way of life. Promises Shmomises.

Enter Paleo.

Paleo has changed my life. It has driven me to focus on ME and not the fast paced world I live in. I tended to stress and allow myself to get swallowed up by… well…life. Now, I sit back, breathe, and enjoy every minute. Of course, I won’t pretend that I never stress because let’s face it- stress is a part of life. But ever since I began feeding my body in this way, my mind and emotions have had a total makeover. Oh yea, and I dropped 2 pant sizes. Yeaaa…so that helps 🙂

So basically, that is where I’ve been. Making this change has required a lot of time (very well spent cooking, baking, and reading!). I had to put the posts on hold for a bit because the Paleo lifestyle came at me full force as soon as I committed to it wholeheartedly. I had to hold on with both hands and take it for a ride. (So excited that my bf Curtis is taking this ride with me!!)  Now that I’m pretty much in love and ready to commit for life, I can get back to blogging about the journey. And oh what a journey it’s gonna be…

I hope that all of my non-paleo friends will stick around and still continue to support Girls Gone Healthy! I promise it will guide anyone and everyone towards health and happiness- even if you don’t want to go Paleo. This blog will not EVER force anyone to live a certain way- it will simply document our journey..and if you like what you read, feel free to give it a try.
So…….Girls Gone Healthy is officially back! So tell ya friends…tell ya wife… tell.. um… everyone!! Just keep truckin along with us and watch as we change our lives and hopefully change yours in the process ❤


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