What the heck is Paleo?? Mystery solved…

16 Aug

Paleo, paleo, paleo..

You hear me talk about it, allude to it, show recipes and BBQ’s all related to it.


I’m not going to try and pretend that I’m the Paleo expert. I can only share what I have learned though some links and blogs you can visit. What I do know is this-

If you are looking for a way to feel better, look better, do better, BE better- then this is the lifestyle that will make it happen. Our bodies know what they need to build strength, muscles, immunity, and all that other good stuff that keeps us ticking. For millions of years, we have survived. Do you think it’s just luck that caveman could outsmart, sometimes outrun, and even kill animals far far larger than they were? Do you think they were dying of heart disease, obesity, or diabetes? The only real things killing off our cave brothers and sisters was injury (no doctors out there so unfortunately a small problem for us turned deadly for them) or being eaten by some ginormous beasts. According to my man, Mark Sisson (I’ll send you in his direction later!), if it had not been for these factors, many of our ancestors would have had much longer life expectancy. Wanna know why?

They had the most nutrient rich foods at their fingertips! Nothing processed or messed with. They ran, jumped, climbed, lifted. They basked in the sun soaking up that vital vitamin D. They had little stress related to work and the like. Their biggest stress triggers were fleeting- like making quick decisions whether to run or kill when faced with wild animals. Now, let’s be honest- no one REALLY knows how happy a cave man was or if they were relatively stress free. But based simply on looking at their lifestyles, you can see that they vastly contrast ours. In all the ways that matter- health, exercise, etc.

Paleo is a way of living that mirrors all these important life choices. We HAVE these choices- the cavemen didn’t. It was simply the only way of life they knew.  Nowadays, we have Wendy’s telling us that we should buy their grade Z meat burgers and greasy fries rather than bringing our own homemade lunch to work. We have zillions of commercials everyday that convince us (me especially- I am an advertiser’s dream) that we MUST have those chips, we NEED to drink that sugary juice, and oh my gosh we just HAVE to order that greasy garlic bread pizza from Pizza Hut (a commercial that once would have taunted the hell out of me until I picked up the phone- now, I have NO desire to eat that. At all). Unfortunately, we are surrounded by “choices” that make life easier for the busy, stress-filled person in today’s society. Makes it REAL easy for us to just pick up the phone and order take out or run by McDonald’s on the way home to grab some chicken nuggets (holy crap, have you seen what those are REALLY made of??) for the kiddies and a burger for us.

(Yup, that’s what is in your friendly neighborhood chicken nuggets. mmm)

We don’t realize how so many amazing options exist that don’t actually harm the crap out of our bodies. Too many of us are uninformed- I was one of them. We eat what we hear people telling us is healthy- whole grains, brown rice, etc. We go with the “norm” and think, hey it works for them. But Paleo teaches us something so different….

We learn that our bodies know they they need. Our digestive systems have not changed much in the past, oh, million years so we should be feeding it what it’s used to breaking down. When we shove processed food into our systems, our bodies sort of freak out. They know it’s not easily broken down and suddenly strange things begin to happen. I’m of the mind set that I’d rather know my body can handle what I”m giving it, rather than taking a chance with something that will only satisfy me for a moment, never really knowing whats going on once it gets inside.

Here’s what I’ve found out- the foods I have been eating, cooking, and baking since going Paleo are FAR more satisfying, less filling, and 100% more DELISH than what I used to eat. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t changed EVERY SINGLE piece of my diet. I still eat so much of what I used to. However, little changes here and there are what make the difference. It’s simply knowing that instead of all the processed crap out there going into my body and wrecking havoc, I’m just eating the stuff that does GOOD in my body and keeps me in check. These foods are not only nutrient dense and beneficial, but they taste better than anything processed. Think marinated meats and fish, sauteed veggies, fresh fruit! What’s not to love??

Ok, so, that’s enough from me, the NON scientific one. I’ll direct you now over to some real experts to give you the skinny on this whole Paleo thing so you can really understand the health benefits. It wasn’t until I was introduced to Mark Sisson that I even understood or wanted to know about this lifestyle. But after reading the research, it all made perfect sense.


(These sites will educate you in what exactly Paleo is and HOW it benefits your body and your life. Be open-minded. There is a lot that may sound strange or wild to you- but trust science. And success stories!)






Now.. here are the sites (along with the ones above) that will make your mouth water! Even if you don’t think you are ready to make this leap, at least check out these sites to see the amazing, delicious meals that are at your fingertips!






There ya have it- Paleo. It may not seem like it’s for everyone. Especially for those who aren’t meat eaters or veggie loves. But take some time to read and learn- especially the success stories floating around out there. It’s amazing what Paleo has done for people and their health.

It’s so easy, a caveman can do it….. (yup, that just happened.)


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