Meet Krista!! My favorite cavegirl!

15 Aug

Hey friends!

Meet the amazing Krista! She introduced me to the world of Paleo and I wanted her to share her story of how she came to live this lifestyle.
In the coming days, look for a post on exactly what the heck Paleo is! I know lots of you are wondering…. I can’t wait to share the info with you so you can make some decisions with your own lifestyles and health. No pressure here. Never will be…just pure education that you can do what you want with.. for now…..

Take it away Krista:

Hello!!! My name is Krista and I am super excited Kristina has asked me to share my story for Girls Gone Healthy.
At first glance, I may look like an incredibly healthy person. However, over the past few years I have experienced changes in my health that finally required serious action. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s ( and Hypothyroidism ( I wasn’t entirely surprised by this since “it runs in the family”. My doctor referred me to a specialist, who gave me a pill to take for the rest of my life, and all was well in the world.
Fast forward to the present, married my man, settled into a new house, started a side business (The East Coast Bride – on top of being a teacher during the day with a flute/piano studio most evenings. As you can imagine, my diet and lifestyle were not at all healthy. With so little time, I ate mostly prepackaged granola bars, cereals (especially for dinner when I was too tired to cook), leftovers from restaurants and sandwiches. I never cooked, never baked, and ate vegetables a couple times a month, all because I was running myself ragged with staying on top of everything I had to do. I never thought twice about what I was doing to my body…or when I did, I didn’t have time to care.
With thoughts of starting a family, a new attention was brought to my health. I noticed that I was still having symptoms of hypothyroidism – fatigue, mental cloudiness, and irregular cycles. My doctor assured me I was fine because my blood levels looked good, but I didn’t feel fine.
Bring on the course of events that will forever change my life. It started with a massage from a new therapist, a holistic and spiritual woman named Shari. Towards the end of our session, we started talking about medications and how I took Synthroid for my thyroid condition. She mentioned alternative medicines, including Chinese doctors and acupuncture. I had always been interested, and since regular doctors weren’t of any help, I kept her suggestion in the back of my mind.
A couple weeks later (after my first acupuncture experience), I was reading a blog on natural fertility and came across a guest post by Liz Schau (, a holistic counselor living in Texas. She wrote a two part series on her battle with Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism ( and how she sent her disease into remission, naturally, by getting healthy, eliminating certain foods, adding nutritious foods, and treating her disease instead of masking her symptoms with a pill. I was completely and utterly overwhelmed by the article and the thought that I could cure myself without relying on medication everyday. I contacted Liz, and she started me on the journey of a lifetime.

I am not a doctor, nor am I going to bring you through everything that I learned from Liz (since it’s best to see a functional nutritionist to prepare a plan that’s best for you). I am, however, hoping to give you a new perspective on all the ways you can treat your body as your temple, inside and out. I look forward to sharing my experiences with all you girls going healthy!s


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