First ever Paleo BBQ- Heaven on Earth…

6 Aug

Just stoppin by to tell ya’ll (I think this “word” just works so much better sometimes.. this is what happens when you date a southern boy) about my wonderful paleo-fied day!

My beautiful friend Krista whom I’ve spoken a lot about- the reason I’ve begun the Paleo lifestyle- had a small bbq today for some Paleo pals and all I can say is- MEEAAATTTT.

We had some of the most fantastic meat I’ve ever had! It was pot luck style so we all brought some yummy treats. Curtis spent ALL day yesterday cooking pork shoulder to make homemade Paleo BBQ Pulled Pork! It was seriously amazing! He had to first make Paleo ketchup and mustard, which in itself is a feat. So impressed and excited that he’s taking such a liking to this new journey and lifestyle! He was so proud of his pork when it was finished and I think it sparked a whole new fire in him…. we spent time today looking for new Paleo recipes and snack ideas. He’s ready to make this change, which of course, makes it THAT much easier and more exciting for me πŸ™‚

K, back to the BBQ…

On top of our delish BBQ pulled pork, the awesome Lisa and Brian made another type of pulled pork with red wine sauce/gravy which was mouth watering!! Lisa whipped up a huge tray of mashed cauliflower which honestly was OUT OF THIS WORLD! As a Paleo, I was def worried about missing out on mashed potatoes- creamy, dreamy mashed potatoes. Now, I have this delish dish and I would gladly replace mashed taters anyday! Our hosts, Krista and Brian grilled juicy chicken skewers with peppers and onions… the chicken was marinaded in a deliciously simple garlic lime marinade. They also grilled the most flavorful lamb with an another simple but perfect basil garlic marinade.Β  (forgot my camera at home so we snapped these with Krista’s phone- guess we were all toooo excited about meat to worry about fancy pics lol)


That was just dinner.

Once we had room in our bellies, we brought out the dessert. Who said Paleos can’t eat dessert???

Lisa made moist banana muffins with dried fruit and dark chocolate chips- SUGAR FREE πŸ™‚ She then made the most awesome “candy” that consisted of nuts, coconut flakes, and dark chocolate- SUGAR FREE πŸ™‚ Krista rocked our world with Paleo brownies! So. freakin. good. Moist, chocolatey- oh yea- SUGAR FREEΒ  πŸ™‚ Do you see a pattern here??? You don’t have to sacrifice dessert when going Paleo.. it’s all about replacing. Want something sweet? Exchange sugar for honey or maple syrup. And VOILA!

YUP… those are PALEO brownies!

So obviously, this BBQ was a huge success! I suggest anyone who is interested in trying to this lifestyle (it’s not for everyone and I’m certainly NOT pushing it on anyone- just sharing some of the exciting things I’m gettin into!) have a little get together like this and have friends cook and share. It’s a great way to try new things and hear about new recipes.

Happy Sunday ya’ll! πŸ™‚


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