The day has finally come….

1 Aug

Welp. This is it. I’ve kept telling myself  “It’s ok, my strict diet starts in a few months”. Then it was down to a few weeks, and then… here I am- TODAY.

I eat pretty healthy, but I also will not really say no to a slice of birthday cake or crispy chocolate chip cookie. I don’t drink soda, don’t eat a lot of meat, don’t put sugar in anything, eat lots of raw veggies and fresh fruits, and for the past 3 months have given up beer (this is a tough one for me and I’ll be doing it for another year). This time next year my family and my fiance’s family will be on our wed-cation (wedding/vacation). My goal is to lose 15 lbs. Hopefully this will be realistic. I plan to gain back at least 5 of those lbs. within the first couple of days of the trip (heh) because there is no way I will be vacationing from Saturday (the day we arrive) to Wednesday (the wedding day) and not enjoy myself.

My plan isn’t really a specific diet. But here are the fundamentals I plan on following:

Tracking my calories with MyFitness Pal (cal limit is 1290) (my little trick has been to not add the exercise part on myfitness pal)
Exercise 4-5 days a week (I’ve only been doing 3 days/wk)
No more deserts, ice-cream, cookies 😦 unless- its my birthday
Eating raw for lunch everyday
Continuing my no beer restriction (that first Guinness when we arrive in Ireland is going to be SO delicious) BTW…. a Guinness only has 126 calories
No grains or breads (with the one exception of the Tofuyan low carb wraps)
Have an inspiration picture (I have one I’ll share with you. Whenever you feel weak just take a peek at your picture)

I will be pinning whatever recipes I take from the internet, so if you would like to see what I am having each week you can follow our Girls Gone Healthy Pinterest Board. My posts will be signed xxkim. There is one site I especially love- everything turns out amazing.

Follow Me on Pinterest

Wish me luck! Follow the pins I’ll be cooking, and I suggest you try the recipes too!

My inspiration picture is where we are getting married.

Yours can be anything (may I suggest having the pic on your phone so it goes everywhere with you).

An inspiration picture should be anything that reminds you of why your striving to eat healthy/loose weight, and makes you SMILE.



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