The big jump..

17 Jul


I’m standing on the diving board… peering over into the water… got lots of people cheering me on.

I stick my toe in and it feels darn good. 🙂 But am I ready to take the dive?? ARGGGH! HELP!

A healthy lifestyle is a big step, but for me.  I’m not planning on making it into something that changes my WHOLE life and way of living. I simply want to learn how to treat my body better and how to eat in a way that supports my health and doesn’t damage it. I never really thought about the impact that food has on your body and health until meeting Jamie. She gave me some little tidbits of info that open my eyes to what could be and what should be in my life. But, crap, I reealllly love my Doritos and Crystal Light Ice Tea…

Which brings me here- to Girls Gone Healthy. I need some questions answered and some guidance so that I can still eat and do what I love, but in a much healthier way! I can’t just jump in yet…. First, I need to know a few things…. Jamie and Kim- ya ready??


The Big Questions-

1. What are the must haves in my pantry to be sure I’m prepared for healthy meals?

2.  What is the difference between whole wheat and whole grain and which is better?

3. What types of food can replace the nutrients found in red meat?

4. And what the heck am I going to do about my sweet tooth and desperate need for chocolate and candy??

I have lots more, but let’s start here! Help me and others like me build a great pantry that will ensure we are prepared when a recipe calls for something we have never heard of… 🙂 Keep in mind, I don’t plan on changing my life entirely and moving into a FULLY organic/clean lifestyle yet. It’s gonna be a slow transition- so help me get started!!

****And for those of you out there in my boat- stick with me on this journey! We’ll do it together and get the guidance we need. Leave comments, questions, thoughts, dirty jokes- anything… your questions can AND will spark some blog posts! Can’t wait to see where this road leads!!*****


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